Copyright, Trademark & Intellectual Property

Copyright law protects the expression of ideas in a tangible medium. Other types of claims challenge the asserted theft of an idea.  We know both fields well.

We've prevailed at trial in copyright cases, and we litigate idea submission cases.  We know, teach and write articles about the fair use defense to claims of copyright infringement.

The fair use defense to claims of copyright infringement is a powerful but highly technical tool.  We provide pre-publication advice on copyright issues, and we regularly litigate copyright matters.  These are a few of our cases in the field:

  • Gary defended a major Northern California newspaper, achieving a defense verdict by  arguing that the newspaper fairly used a photograph in a book review.  The jury returned a verdict in the newspaper's favor in just 37 minutes.
  • Successfully defended studio against copyright, false designation of origin and misappropriation claims based on parodied reference to comedienne on "Family Guy," an animated television program.
  • Represented famous architectural firm on appeal in architectural copyright infringement case.
  • Defended studio against copyright infringement claims surrounding television portrayal of comic book character, and brought counterclaims for copyright infringement.


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